“I wish to express my appreciation to you for the excellent contribution the ISSA made to our National Street Soccer Coaching Camps. The Creative Skill Camp was absolutely first class and the feedback from the delegates was most complimentary – excellent.”

Brian LaudrupBrian Laudrup, Former Professional AC Milan, Rangers, Chelsea, Ajax and the Danish National Team
“The Creative Skill Camps is an exceptional camp that will excite, impress and educate both players and coaches alike in a unique way. Darren the head coach has positive, personal attributes of which when added to his talent make for an impressive training camp.”
Malcolm CookMalcolm Cook, Director of Freeflow; former Academy Director Liverpool FC; author; hosted a 2012 camp
“The Creative Skill Camps are rare. The camp coaches are talented soccer players, talented coaches, great with young people of all ages and abilities and they really understand how to develop young people long term. Comes highly recommended as one of the best camps I’ve ever seen.”
Mark SeniorMark Senior, Managing Director- Pro Skills Soccer; Youth Coach Manchester United Football Club
“All great Soccer players had a true, boundless love for the game. Their ultimate joy was to play the game and imitate the great moves and dribbles of the masters of the previous generations. The Creative Skill Camp is a great way to help spark that true love for the game in the youth player. It is about creativity, spontaneity, the pure and naked joy of playing Soccer. All coaches did a tremendous job in inspiring the players to try and learn new moves, be creative, and enjoy themselves playing.”
Leonardo Serodio, Parent and Coach – Mill City Football Club
“Logan has really enjoyed this week of camp. This is the first time he has (literally) begged us to take him to soccer early. Chris (Logan’s dad) said Logan actually had his best practice at his club this week, and he believes it is due to Logan’s work at your camp. Thank you so much for your great work on camp”.
Leslie Peters, Parent - Peters Townshop Soccer Association, Pennsylvania

The Virtual Director of Coaching